Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson & Stephanie Tolan

Barter Players, Abingdon, VA         Directed by Katy Brown

Design Team:

Set  - Holly M Breuer

Costumes - Ketti Shum

Lights - Sarah Elliot

The visual emphasis for this showwas the creation of the illusion of height in a small theatrical space. Director Brown was influenced by nature photography of forests which showcased the ethereal verticality of trees while also minimizing the literal presentation of realistic trees. The simple unit set functioned as half a dozen locations, created only through manipulation of light and spacing. 


For the moment after Leslie falls from the broken rope over the stream, we created a rope that retracted into the tree during a blackout - allowing us to create the illusion of a broken, shorter rope.

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Photography by Holly M Breuer

Copyright 2017 HollyMBreuer Designs