Hamlet Abridged from the William Shakespeare text by Katy Brown

Barter Players, Abingdon, VA          Directed by Katy Brown

Produced with Support from the NEA's Shakespeare in American Communities Grant 


Design Team:

Set  - Holly M Breuer                   Lighting - Andrew Morehouse

Costumes - Liz Whittemore     Sound - Miles Polaski

In this actor-driven, story-focused, 6-person production of a newly abridged version of the text, the Barter Players sought to illuminate Hamlet's questions about his world and tie those musings to issues students may be currently dealing with. Director Brown requested that the visual world be representative of the "roots of America," feel dark and "tetanus-like," and provide places to hide. To cultivate a feeling of inclusion, we also decided to make some platforms act as audience egress, thus inviting and in fact forcing the audience to become a part of the scenic world. To that end, the set was constructed out of naturally aged lumber that had been sitting outside our scene shop for several months. The backdrop was sculpted out of 40 yards of natural muslin and painted into a dark, rust-based world. 

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Photography by Holly M Breuer

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