Spring Awakening by Sater & Sheik

Kent State University, Kent, OH          Directed by Michael Rupert

Design Team:

Set & Projections - Holly M Breuer

Lighting - Jakyung Seo

Costumes - Susan Williams

Sound - Brian Chismar

Projections Programmer - Cynthia Hoffman

The concept for this production was centered around the creation of two distinct spaces - one of reality and one of a 'song world'. The 'song world' represented the space of the children's minds and was  meant to be variable, energetic, and ethereal. The real world, in contrast, was simplistic, period appropriate, and constricting. The show utilized full and partial stage projections to help visualize 'song world' emotions and accentuate textural effects. 

Photography by Holly M Breuer

Copyright 2017 HollyMBreuer Designs