Our Town  by Thornton Wilder

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY          Directed by Daniel Gordon

Design Team:

Set - Holly M Breuer

Lighting - Michael Nardulli

Costumes - Jennifer Murray 

Our Town was produced by Syracuse University's Black Box Players, a student-run production company formed in 1986. The show's design celebrated the minimalism of the space while highlighting the story telling aspect of the script. Scrim panels on either side of the stage separated the audience from the performance space but also allowed any "town-members" not in a scene to remain visible. Empty picture frame included on the eclectic back wall of decor were filled with still photos commemorating important events of the story as the show progresses. Bare bulbs suspended throughout the space created an ambiance of both street-light and star-light. The floor was painted with chalk board paint, which the director utilized by having the cast literally draw out the lines of their town through the course of the play. In general, the found object aesthetic served the memory play style of this production.

Photography by Holly M Breuer

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