The K of D: An Urban Legend  by Laura Schellhardt​​​

Adirondack Theatre Festival, Glens Falls, NY

Directed by Matthew Earnest

Design Team:

Set - Holly M Breuer

Lighting - Matthew Miller

Costumes - Caitlin Headley 

The K of D: an urban legend, produced in 2011 in the Adirondack Theatre Festival’s proscenium space, was directed by Matthew Earnest. It is, in essence, a ghost story. The play’s environment needed to be an open non-literal space in order to allow the solo actress to create a limitless series of locations and situations. The Director, Earnest, once said, “The play actually takes place in a dark part of the imagination, where old fears and unresolved heartbreaks live.” I took this to mean a space rooted in the truth of memory but without the specificity of reality.  I designed a playing space which floated in a void to best serve the concept of a memory play and the dance-theater needs of the director. The rugged platform, perched on the stage and built of actual reclaimed lumber, gave the environment a sense of being both abstract and very real.

Photography by Holly M Breuer

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