Sleeping Beauty Adapted from the Grimm's Fairy Tale by Catherine Bush

Barter Players, Abingdon, VA          Directed by Dr. John Hardy

Design Team:

Set  - Holly M Breuer

Costumes - Ketti Shum

Lights - Erin Kellam

Early discussions with Director Hardy focused on the creation of a world that was difficult for the characters to navigate, but was not dark in and of itself. After initially researching illustrations from the Charles Perrault and Grimm's texts, I moved on to abstracted depictions of castles and was immediatly drawn to the linear nature of such works. Our intention was to present a non literal world and so I transitioned to looking at how installation artists fill space without overusing heavy physical objects - seeking a way to create visual obstacles without opaque structures. Working in a 3D environment, I created a series of string sculptures that would act as translucent walls and give each member of the audience a different perspective on the linear shapes of the production. 

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Photography by Holly M Breuer

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