Jingle All the Way 

Book & Lyrcis by Catherine Bush - Music by Mandy Williams

Barter Players, Abingdon, VA            

Directed by John Hardy

Design Team:

Set  - Holly M Breuer

Costumes - Liz Whittemore

Lights - Sarah Elliott


The theme of this production was an "industrial Santa's workshop." Director Hardy wanted to combine the monotonous world of factory work with the magical elements of what we expect of Santa's workshop to create a world where all things were functional while remaining inherently "Christmas-y." Emphasis was placed on ways to minimize the efficiency of each of the work stations. Technically, the set needed to exist within the scenery of the Barter Theatre's mainstage holiday show: A Modern Christmas Carol, which led us to shift much of the scenery and action downstage.

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Photography by Holly M Breuer

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